D Day

Out of my sight my immediate running future was being decided. Our club secretary along with our President were holding an envelope containing a dozen or so raffle tickets. One of those tickets had my name on the reverse and all of my marathon hopes were riding on it. There was no fanfare announcing the draw just a look in my direction from Mick, the president, and a smile accompanying his announcement of my name. We have three available places for the annual London Marathon and my name was the first out of the hat!

I will now be entering the 2014 race and doing it in my own name! Sounds unusual? Well back in 2010 I ran the race as I’d be drawn out in the club draw as a reserve and was lucky enough to be able to get a place as one of our club members  dropped out  through injury. He’d got into London by being a very good runner and qualifying through a “good for age” category and as reserve I got the chance to take his place, but, and there’s always a but, I ran in his name as it was far simpler than going through official channels to change the race number to me! It was daunting enough to be taking part in my first marathon but also to take the number of a runner far superior to me meant I felt pressure from day one.

Anyway, this time round the place is mine and the marathon effort of marathon training starts soon. Very soon!


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